David Beem, Author

David Beem, Author
Edger Lives - Book Cover

Our dork of destiny rides again!

Edger is falling for Mary, his bodyguard, kick-ass spy, and cover wife. But she’s so hopelessly out of his league, it’s clear someone’s going to get hurt. Less clear? That someone may be the Prime Minister of Australia.

When Mary confesses her desire to kill the world leader whose assassination Edger’s supposed to prevent, Edger’s superpowers pick the worst time to stop working. Without a fully functional psychic superhero, their team of spies can no longer order him to probe Mary’s mind for ill intent. The stage is set for a confrontation that threatens to strip a defenseless Edger of his loyal protector just when he needs her most.

Return to the Collective Unconscious, this time with Listerine-chugging stoners, Hollyweirdos, commie-alien-kung fu robots, one space gorilla-unicorn, and an exceedingly lovesick Vladimir Putin.

Mind your fingers and toes on page 270. Those skydiving mind-control monkeys have been known to bite!

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David Beem

As one of the greatest authors of his generation, David Beem accepts no responsibility or liability of any kind for the accuracy, content, completeness, competency, legality, or reliability of his various writings. By reading something he's written, or talking to someone who's read something he's written, looking at, or even breathing the same air as someone who's read something he's written, you agree to these terms.

David Beem enjoys superhero movies, taekwondo, and flossing. He lives in Djibouti with his family and crippling self-doubt. To help actualize David's inner confidence, peruse his website and buy all the stuff.

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Edger Lives Mix: Spring 2019

Edger Lives Mix: SPRING 2019 is a collection of songs Herodotus, using the Collective Unconscious, pulled from Edger's head. Some are explicitly featured in the book. Others are thematically related. But stay sharp! Herodotus is wily! Some tracks may give plot clues for the next book...
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“…undeniably entertaining.” — Kirkus Reviews 
David Beem
David Beem