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Edger Wins First Place at TopShelf Magazine!

Edger Top Shelf Award Winner

Über Dorks, rejoice! Edger (2018) earned First Place in the category of Fiction – New Adult in the 2020 TopShelf Book Awards!

Thank you, thank you. But really, in all humility, we should all just calm down and take a step back—breathe—and then ask: What is an award, really?

What is an award…except the Supreme Validation of Winningness, the Unlocking of the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Winning an award—any award, could be a gum wrapper award, could be winning a lamp in the shape of a leg, for example—but winning an award (!!!!!!) is little more than the justification of one’s right to exist; to emerge from a shrinking tunnel of existence transfigured into the Apotheosis of All that is Awesome and Right and Best; to summit the highest mountain in the highest region of all the land and proudly proclaim from the top of one’s voice: NYAA-NYA-NYA-NYAA-NYAAAAAA! THIS AWARD IS MINE AND YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!!!!


As I was saying: When we look at it from that perspective, meh, it’s just an award. *shrugs*

Anyway. TopShelf Magazine is a literary journal offering marketing advice, trade reviews, exclusive author interviews, book spotlights, indie discoveries, and more. “Our editors vet each book we spotlight, so readers know the books they find in TopShelf Magazine are worth their time and investment.” (Visit their testimonials page to learn more.)

Ps. I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON, I WON!!!!!!!!!!

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David Beem
David Beem